For Anyone Who Is Tired Of Being Broke And Middle Class And Wants To Enter A Secret Society Where Everybody Will Get Rich

I am hosting a seminar in Las Vegas  on January 23, 24, 25, 26 in 2019.


Title: "Become your own Boss"


-Everyone will start or expand a business this weekend guaranteed or your money back!


First part of the day:

1. I am going to help you guys start websites, 

2. write and publish your first ads.

3. hire your first employee, 

4. film your first commercials and 

5. start your first book and or movie. 


Second part if the day:

1. Y'all know how I get down, we're shopping.

2. I not only tell you were I buy my diamonds from but you are going to buy some or go home.

3. We are buying mink coats, yes saucy shit.

4. We are going to the Gucci store.

5. My brother is coming in with his dealer license, we are picking you a car and you buy.

6. I am going to call on some home deals for you so if you've never had a home of your own, motherfu___ this is your time. You're getting your first home.


Third part:


The success stories. Learn from us with every detail that we can give you, so that you can copy what we did and become a King too and never be the same again.


Then we do the same player shit all over again the next day. So if you couldn't get your shopping or website or whatever money together the first day, we do it for two more days or if you're like me your going to get something on everyday. Man I love this life! And you will too. (If you join us)

Now say you get there and you can't do all of what I will be doing right in front of you guys, if you just get three of these things over this weekend, your life is changed.


Now you can do some of this yourself.. But you haven't so far. If you are around us, while we are balling you will ball too. Its a fact that you are who you are around.


You'll get everything I know about making money.


Someone will make money right there first day, I guarantee it.




I am going to show you a fool proof way to save your first $100,000 this year! 

This is going to blow your mind.


Bonus 2:


This is in Las motherfucking Vegas, so you can't leave after hanging around me for three days and not get some and let everyone else treat you like a Kingpin.


Cost is only $1,500 if you want to stay for the full four days.


Cost is only $399 if you can only stay one day.


Call me at (404)207-5640

Pay for yours today before we sell out at:

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Or paypal me at Https://


You guys know how I give it up. Its time to go legit and own your own. I'm saving lives and changing lives with this one.

Call me if you want in.


If you have met me before, you know how I over deliver.


Join us or read about us.

Will you let me help you?


I'm going and I get money, my brothers are going. Join us in Las Vegas November 22, 2018.


Oh and no suckers allowed.


Call me at (404)207-5640

Pay for yours today before we sell out at 

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Or paypal me at Https://


Join us now or don't complain when people treat you and talk to you like youre average, because you are. No average man will leave here average.


$1500 will change your life.

Kevin Derrick Gentry

The Boss Hogg Macaroni